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The Theatre's permanent ensemble

Charlotte Nilsson

scriptwriter and actor

Connie Helier

writer and actor

Hans Carbe

sound artist,

writer and actor

Johnny Larsson 


writer and actor

Raija Kurttila

fashion designer,

musician and screenwriter

Anna Ganslandt

producer and scriptwriter

Natalia Vakarchuk 


scriptwriter and course leader

Production related employees 

Claudio Salgado, director and actor

Frida Lotta Cederblom, actor

Hans Sodeus, visual artist and performance artist

Jan Pilgaard, visual artist and performance artist

Åbi Berglund, visual artist, writer and performance artist

Traumatic Theatre partners

Västra Götalandsregionen, Kultursekretariatet

Skup Palet

Teater Trixter


Hey its Enrico Pallazzo!

Do you want to support the work of Traumatic Theatre or become a partner? Contact VSA registry. 

Tel: 031-12-55-75 


Direct payment by postal order: 37 38 32-5 

Please mark the payment with your name and the Traumatic Theatre.

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