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The Traumatic Theatre began work on the play, which is based on Anton Chekhov's short stories. Chekhov's short stories show a palette of human qualities, from the most vulgar to the most noble. They contain parodies, life stories and humour. At the same time, they are written in a form that resembles small dramatic scenes. All of this together makes it easy to put them on a theatre scene.


Currently we are engaged in the text processing, analysis of the content, the distribution of roles and the work with the visual part of the performance.

«Say nothing to dad» is our the first play, the text of which was written specifically for performance. As before, the texts are written by the members of the theatre group. The work has been conducted by our director Natalia Vakarchuk. In autumn 2015, thrice we had open rehearsals with carefully selected excerpts from the play. This was our contribution to the Gothenburg International Art Biennial. These rehearsals had high attendance and also increased our popularity. We prefer not to work with theatre in the traditional way with pre-existing plays, but rather want to see it more as a process of constant development. Therefore, it was very important for us to showcase our methods of work on the open rehearsals.

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